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Superwood is helping to save natural resources by providing Eco Friendly products and educating people to save environment so that our future generations can live and breathe in a healthy ecosystem.
All the products are developed under great supervision of quality
engineers to comply with National and International Quality Standards.
The products are designed to create luxury living spaces
while keeping the durability and sustainability as primary focus.

Smart Doors

Superwood makes beautiful doors and entrance systems – The Smart Doors. These doors are 100% Waterproof and Termite Resistant in addition to a great range of other advantages.
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Designer Cabinets

With flexible design and top quality construction, the designer’s selected collection from Supwe Wood cabinetry makes it easy for you to create beautiful kitchen that reflects your luxury style.
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Stylized Wardrobes

Coordinated closets – Space is everything. The internal layout and design can be customized to your life style. Well designed layout helps organize clothing of different kinds
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Genuine Flooring & Cladding

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