At Superwood, we hanker to transform the house of your pipe dream into tangible reality while you breathe easy and live your dream. Our designers put in their heart and soul to design your house adhering to even the minutes of your palate and desire, also keeping in mind the contemporary and voguish trends around. Maintaining the highest manufacturing quality is our priority, while we bring to existence the exceptional beauteous product of your dreams.

Our products contain modular kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom vanities and complete interiors.




White luxury modular kitchen designed and delivered by Superwood in four weeks

What is Modular Kitchen?

A synonym to uncluttered and shipshape kitchen, modular kitchen is the term for furnishing the kitchen with ready made pre built modules of cabinets of diversified shapes and sizes, prepared out of various materials to accommodate the kitchen equipage, utilize all the space available and make the most of it as efficiently as possible to serve the functional needs and make work easier.

L shaped laminate modular kitchen with breakfast table designed by Superwood for Delhi NCR

Shape your Kitchen

Well, the shape and size of your furniture is of great significance and utility of the kitchen is to be considered largely. Thus, while planning out your kitchen, first of all you need to decide on the shape of your kitchen room so that you can make the best of the space available efficiently. The perfect shape of the kitchen lets all your kitchen essentials fit in properly without much hassel and the working area is maximized to put cooking at ease.

Modular kitchens make your life easy and luxurious. Hire our designers to design your modular kitchen in Delhi NCR

Decorative Laminates for Kitchen

With technology advancing every single minute, various laminates including wooden laminates, acrylic laminates and PVC laminates are popular in the market these days. Available in a number of different shapes and thickness, these laminates make your kitchen look absolutely beauteous, exactly what your dream kitchen looks like adhering to your particular desires.

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